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Self-Paced, Home Learning Packages for PHYSICS Syllabus of NTA NEET(UG). ?

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NEET Physics Mobile APP
NEET Physics Mobile APP

NEET Physics Online Tests @123 Concepts (Mobile)

NEET Physics Mobile APP
NEET Physics Mobile APP

NEET Physics Online Tests @123 Concepts (Desktop Interface)

NEET Physics Mobile APP

Features of Online Live Video Classes & APP

For Students in Class 11: Week End Live Classes (75 Sessions)

For Students in Class 11: ( Elite Program )

For Students in Class 12 & Repeaters: Week End Live Classes (140+ Sessions till NEET)

For Students in Class 12 & Repeaters: ( Elite Program )

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The Course

This comprehensive course is built in 123 concepts modules with high quality synopsis and numerical solutions to cut through every corner of the physics syllabus of NEET (UG) as prescribed by CBSE & NTA

Class XI Package is built with 10 units/chapters, 75 concepts modules.

Class XII Package is built with 09 unit/chapters, 48 concepts modules.

Synopsis and about 3000+ Numerical problems of all the concepts of the course are explained in AUDIO, VIDEO and TEXT forms of learning. Understanding and Practice/Revision of Numerical Problem is made so simple by Digital Tracking and Voice Over Explanation. The most recently developed Learning Glass Technology gives the student a LIVE CLASS ROOM interactive experience.

The Course content is delivered in the form of PRINTED BOOKS & MOBILE APP

Course Chapters (Units)

The Course Summary

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NEET Physics Mobile Application
NEET Physics Class XI Book

Class XI Book

NEET Physics Class XII Book

Class XII Book


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Coaching Programs

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Online Live Video Classes of the Author are available for all NEET aspirant students (Class-11,Class-12 & Repeaters).
Classes will be by HD Video Conferencing & Interactive Screen Sharing.
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About Us

NEET Physics 2018 Text Solutions

The Author and the mentor of this comprehensive course content Mr. Ch. Ramesh, is a Senior Lecturer in Physics catering the academic needs of the student community, particularly medical entrances aspirants for the last 28 years. He worked as leading key faculty member in the Tetrahedron Educational Academy, Himayatnagar in Hyderabad for 12 years & in Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, Chaitanyapuri and Narayanguda of Hyderabad for another 14 years. Under his tutelage and guidance hundreds of students have relied their cherished goals. The best ranks achieved by his students in different medical entrances are: 3rd rank, 4th rank, 5th rank, 11th rank, 19th rank, 32nd rank, 34th rank, 35th rank, 39th rank,39th rank, 41st rank, 47th rank, 58th rank, 58th rank, 62nd rank, 74th rank, 86th rank, 99th rank.. and many more.

Few Words From The Author

I take immense pleasure in introducing these Self-Paced, Structured Home learning packages under the title 'NEET PHYSICS IN 123 CONCEPTS' to cater the students of class XI and class XII who appear for the competitive examinations like NTA NEET(UG), JIPMER, AIIMS and looking to learn more in a quick time in the scope BEYOND BOARD EXAMS


The students will be empowered with confidence in dealing with numerical problems as well as conceptual questions to score at their best in entrance Examination


Every package is crafted to be pinpoint at the task. Not even a single minute of the most valuable time of student is allowed to move waste


100% Satisfaction. All packages are tagged at the lowest possible price and are very convenient alternatives to the highly expensive Corporate Coaching, Home Tuitions